The Milk of Human Kindness

In the work we do inside and outside of our counselling rooms, we see that people are increasingly unforgiving and unkind towards each other– especially in families where you would expect to find kindness and empathy. In our daily behaviours we can show kindness by…

  • Showing compassion to each other
  • Checking in on one another when things have not been going well
  • Giving of your time
  • Listening without interrupting
  • Sitting with someone through their pain
  • Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes i.e. showing them empathy
  • Being generous by offering something that you do not have a lot of
  • Going out of your way for someone when you are busy with your own things
  • Not expecting anything in return
  • Giving a helping hand
  • Teaching someone to be independent
  • Restoring someone’s dignity
  • Being neighbourly and aware of the next person
― Sophiatown West Team