Sustaining our Community of Practice

In the current political and economic climate, NPOs providing services to the most vulnerable and marginalized sectors of society are facing a particularly rough time, and NPO leaders are increasingly feeling isolated and unsupported in their efforts to keep sustain services, to avoid job losses, and to provide authentic and purpose-driven leadership. Many leaders complain that it is “cold at the top”, and many organizations are threatened with massive cut backs in funding (and therefore in services) and even closure.

At Sophiatown CPS, we are very aware that our capacity to render effective counselling services to our clients, depends on the capacity of other organizations to provide other kinds of support, such as child protection services, shelter, humanitarian aid, or access to education and health care. No organization can render its services in isolation and a threat to one is therefore a threat to the whole sector.

The Programme we call Sustaining our Community of Practice aims to support NGO leaders and managers, to enhance their awareness and skills in growing (and surviving) as leaders whilst often working under taxing circumstances. A sense of community amongst NGO leaders, where they draw together around a common service delivery vision and social transformation agenda will add impetus in sustaining the community of practice in the wider Johannesburg area.