Sophiatown Community Psychological Services and Ethics

Ethics matter to SCPS. Ethics matter because it is at the heart of who we are as an organisation and the reason for our continued existence. Ethics guide our strategic and operational choices and serve as a point of reference for our daily actions. When theoretical models, rule books or expert opinions fall short in giving the necessary guidance in a complex under-resourced world of work, ethics help us to manage dilemmas.

The main ethics culture of SCPS is a human rights one. Our ethos of “Presence, Solidarity, Integrity, Dignity”[i] is reflected in our belief that each person is of equal moral worth. We work towards a socially just society and our way of operating is rooted in the belief that all role players have rights and responsibilities. We practice our human rights approach the Ubuntu way. We are community-minded and it is important to us that all who we come into contact with experiences us as respectful of their humanity.

Our ethics management approach is based on a commitment to a lifelong evolutionary journey of growing in our personal, professional and organisational ethics awareness and practice. Robust governance and following best protocols of practice are central to our way of work.

[i] Sophiatown Community Psychological Services Staff Handbook (2016 Revision): p.41.